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  • We hold less than 5% of our clients' funds online - the rest is in offline storages
  • We do not store your banking information, such as your credit card details - we only keep the last 4 digits of your card
  • Our website traffic runs entirely over encrypted SSL (https)
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Owners of more than one account

COINPRIME platform allows only one account per customer. If, for example, you have several accounts on COINPRIME, we suggest you to consolidate your balances into a single account. Select an account that you wish to keep on COINPRIME. The best option is the one that has been verified.

Payment Card Verification Guide

Your card should be confirmed by your bank and verified in order to make deposits using a payment card.

Please note, that only users who are over 18 years old are allowed to initiate operations using payment cards.

You can use VISA, MasterCard or virtual cards.

Necessary information about your card

To make a card deposit for the first time, you need to add a payment card to your account and provide some information:

Cardholder’s name

Name and last name of person on behalf of whom the payment is processed

Card number (16 digits)

Expiry date (MM/YY format)

The name of the cardholder for no reason should contain any additional symbols (for example, if the name on the card is Mr. Elan Kamenev, please only type Elan Kamenev; if the cardholder name on the card is Maria M Abad, please only type Maria Abad).

How to link a Payment Card

Card manager is a tool to link your cards, if you have more than one. This helps you make deposits via payment cards faster. Correct information about your card is required, as well as proof that you own it. After that, the card will be linked to your profile in order to quick access for further deposits. In COINPRIME, you have the option to add several cards to your profile and manage them whenever you want. We guarantee that all card information is safe with a PCI DSS certificate obtained by COINPRIME.

What to do if I can’t login my account?

First, make sure your login and password are correct. Also, if possible, please clear the cache and cookies of your browser.
If the problem continues - please contact [email protected] and we will find a solution for you immediately.

I can’t access my email account. How do I change it?

Please contact our support team at [email protected] and verify the ownership. After ownership is verified, we will change the email address for you.


You can make deposits here on COINPRIME by several options for fiat money (USD, EUR etc.) depending on your country and account type.

Where can I see my trade history?

You can access your trade history in two different ways or locations on the platform.

The first way is through your Transaction history menu

Every movement of funds on your account per transaction is shown in the Transaction history menu.

Since a single trade order consists of multiple transactions (at least two), it may not be the best way to access your trade history.

The second way is through your archived orders

Contrary to the Transaction history menu, the list of archived orders is a much more convenient way to view your trading history. It is generated based on your orders, which means that the transaction list, independently of how big it is for a single order, is compressed into a single line showing only the essential information. In this order, by universal understanding methods, blue values are positive, red ones are negative.

How is the fee calculated?

A taker fee is automatically reserved from the account at the moment the order is placed. This is done automatically, because the possibility for the system to know whether this will be a taker or a maker order before it is added to the order book doesn't exist. In the first case (maker order), the calculated fee instantly returns to the users account. In cases when the order is partially completed, taker fee for the partial completion is taken while the rest is returned. Contrary to cases when the order is wholly completed succesfully as a taker, the full amount of the fee is taken from it. Generally, the trade fee is rounded up.

What Is a Multisig Wallet and why do You Use Them?

Apart form the usual wallets that require only one security key, Multisig wallets require extra ones. This adds up to a more secure wallet which means more secure funds for you. The whole system, in essence, works like a joint bank account where the agreement of several structures is necessary for the operation to be completed and approved. If you provide just one key, the transaction will not be valid until it is confirmed with other keys.

Multisignature Wallets

COINPRIME works with Multisignature wallets only. Unlike a lot of other platforms that prefer usual wallets, we have come to the conclusion, that using the Multisig wallets ensures the security of your funds best.

It is neccesary to create a Multisig wallet on COINPRIME in order to be able to make deposits. Creating a Multisig Wallet is easy and won't take much of your time. Still, this simple measure will enable you to take full advantage of the platform.

Why Do You Use Them?

The Multisig wallets provide higher security for your funds. Many customers prefer using them, because they are more trustworthy when compared to usual wallets. At COINPRIME, we decided to develop usage of Multisig wallets only for your security. In order to take the most advantage from our service, we advise you to absolutely make sure, that you use Multisig wallets for your Dash transactions.

Can I Deposit If My Payment Card Uses Another Currency?

The question in this case is already answered by the global financal system, according to which all international payment card transfers rely on automatic conversions in order to make overseas payments successful. If a payment card is allowed to make an overseas transaction, the funds are automatically converted to the required currency at bank rates.

The proccess is simple: add your card, verify your card, then start making deposits and enjoy buying BTC or trade your funds for other cryptocurrencies.

Deposit fees

Visa, MasterCard

  • 8% per USD deposit
  • 8% per EUR deposit

How can I deposit my FIAT funds to COINPRIME?

Fiat deposits can be made using using the following methods:

1. Wire transfer (EUR)

2. Payment cards (USD/EUR)

We must inform you, that the availability of every method depends on your specific geographical location and account verification status. Feel free to check all of the available methods and account limits.

About Us

COINPRIME is a multi-functional cryptocurrency exchange. COINPRIME offers cross-platform trading, providing access to high dynamic orderbook for top currency pairs on the market. Instant Bitcoin buying and selling is available exclusively on COINPRIME via a simplified system. The exchange has developed a multi-level account system, with an individual approach to each customer, which operates in a long range - with Bitcoin beginners or institutional traders. Worldwide coverage, multiple payment options and 24/7 support are brought to you by time-proven platform stability, that gives neccesary safety to your assets and data.


Stability is the highest priority for us at COINPRIME. We strive to provide a trouble-free service, backed by system and user account security, ultra secure cryptocurrency storage, financial viability and legal compliance. So far in the history of our company, not one single customer ever experienced account funds theft and practical support of such a reputation is a duty of honour for us.